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Cheap & Cheerful; Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Blushes

Everyone loves a budget buy that’s actually good! Physicians Formula products have been available at Priceline for a few years now, so I finally decided to try some products from their ‘Murumuru Butter’ line, which has definitely become a hit! So much so, that the Murumuru Butter Bronzer has been sold out online and in every store I have checked for MONTHS now. I was able to find two of the Butter Blushes however, so I will be reviewing those for you today 🙂

Beauty Bees might be surprised to learn that Physicians Formula is celebrating their 80th birthday – that’s a loooong time in the beauty game, so they must be doing something right! The brand was created in the US in 1937 by Dr Frank Crandall, who decided to formulate products his wife could use. She suffered from Lupus and had extremely sensitive skin (what a good fella huh!). The website states that they never use 150+ known and potentially irritating ingredients, but it doesn’t tell us what those 150 ingredients are…. If they listed the 150 ingredients, that would actually to helpful. The packaging of the blushes does list that the products are hypoallergenic, cruelty free, gluten free (is it possible that someone has gluten intolerant skin? LOL), paraben free, dermatologist tested and oil free.  If you are allergic or react badly to some commonly used ingredients in makeup, I’d still check the ingredient list of each product before testing it out on your skin. The blushes also contain quite high levels of fragrance (the coconutty-tropical fragrance is quite strong) which is confusing, because a lot of people with sensitive skin cannot tolerate synthetic fragrances. All of these points tell me to take their claims with a grain of salt (there’s no gluten in salt luckily 😉 ). Luckily their products have eye catching packaging and are more towards to ‘higher end’ of drugstore brands, so we can expect better quality products, which are still affordable.

So what can we expect from these blushes???

Brazillian Luxury Ultra-luxurious formula, infused with Murumuru Butter, delivers a radiant Brazilian goddess glow! Moisturizing wonder features ultra-refined pearl and soft-focus pigments that smooth skin texture, brighten skin tone, and deliver a gorgeous blushing glow. Incredibly soft and ultra-creamy texture combines the best features of a powder and cream blush.Skin-Loving Blend Infused with a powerful blend of Murumuru Butter, Cupuacu Butter and Tucuma Butter, from the lush and nutrient-rich Amazon. Packed with essential fatty acids and pro-vitamins that soften, condition and moisturize skin, leaving it silky soft.Mirror & Applicator Included

I was able to find two colours in Priceline, Plum Rose and Natural Glow. There are two additional shades available in the US (Vintage Rouge & Rosy Pink) which I hope make it here one day soon! Plum Rose is a dupe for Benefit’s Dallas bush – it’s a light, cool brown-tan colour, with microscopic gold and pink pearls. You could be mistaken for thinking that the blush looks like a bronzer in it’s packaging, but because of the ‘soft focus’ pearls, it does give the skin a wash of radiance and plum-ish colour. Plum Rose looks gorgeous in summer, especially if you are scared of wearing more traditional bronzers. If you like giving your skin some colour by using bronzers, I like pairing it with a liquid bronzer more so than a powder bronzer, otherwise the two similar textures and potentially colours, risk being ‘same-same’. Both blushes have the same kind of texture – very buttery and only slightly powdery. Because the blushes are so soft, you can only build up the colour slightly. I’d say you can get a ‘medium’ opacity at most. It’s not overly shiny, I’d say the blush has a satin finish that looks natural and healthy. You most certainly get that ‘natural’ no makeup, makeup look, which will suit a lot of Beauties.

Above: Murumuru Butter Blush in the colour Plum Rose

Natural Glow is an interesting blush shade. Perhaps if you have porcelain skin, you could use this light golden shade as a blush, but for me it’s more of a highlighter than a blush. The powder is primarily golden and a little peachy, with some pink pearls giving it that ‘glow’ and soft focus effect. In the compact some pronounced pinks spots are ‘appearing’ the more I use the powder, which is interesting (and unexpected). I wonder if these pink patches will become more pronounced as I use the product, but for the moment it’s definitely 90% gold/peach and maybe 10% pink. It looks very lovely as a highlighter because it has only micro-shimmer pigments but it won’t give you highly reflective shine (no ‘Instagram highlighting’ here!). While again I would describe it as a product that’s perfect for that natural no makeup look, it’s not so natural that it disappears on the skin. That’s an important distinction to make – after all, if you are purchasing makeup, you want to see a difference to your skin and see the product. I get good wear time from both these ‘blushes’, 5-6 hours or maybe more depending on how humid it is and if I have set my makeup with a setting spray. The interesting texture of the blushes is probably due to the Amazonian ‘butters’ in formula, but they still look and feel like powders on the skin at least.

Above: Murumuru Butter Blush in the colour Natural Glow – you can see the little pink ‘spots’ showing in the pan. 

The packaging of both blushes state the following: May be worn alone or over makeup. Brush over cheekbones to define and contour for a perfected natural-looking glow! This instruction leads me to believe that this product wasn’t designed to be a traditional blush at all, but rather a soft focus powder that can be used as a highlighter and/or blush/bronzer/contour. This could be confusing for some, but at the end of the day, like with all makeup, you can wear it as you see fit! I use Natural Glow as a highlight and Plum Rose as a blush (I can see that it would work as a satin bronzer, if used lightly).  If I used only both of these powders on my skin, on top of a foundation, my skin would certainly look ‘put together’ and healthy.

Above: Underneath the blush pan, you will find a hidden compartment with a sponge applicator and a handy mirror on the underside. 

I love the ‘waves’ and curved surface of the pan. It not only looks cool (it makes you want to touch the product immediately lol) but also helps your brush to pick up more product. You do get this interesting soft sponge applicator with the blushes, but I don’t use mine unless I’m desperate. The sponge is a good size for your cheeks and picks up a lot of product actually, but it does apply it in a ‘concentrated spot’ so it’s not going to give you soft, well blended effect. In saying that, the blush is forgiving as it isn’t intensely pigmented, so you can always blend out the edges using your fingers. As mentioned earlier on, both blushes have the same tropical/coconut fragrance, which is strong.

Above: Swatches in natural light of both ‘blushes’, Natural Glow and on the right, Plum Rose

Above: Ingredient list of Plum Rose. Note that on the Physicians Formula website there’s only one ingredient list but the ingredients for Plum Rose and Natural Glow do differ slightly. 

Above: Ingredient list of Natural Glow

Strangely the two blushes have disappeared from Priceline’s website, but I’m sure they are still around and in store (I wouldn’t be surprised if they are just out of stock). The blushes retail for around $20 each, which is very reasonable. I can see these blushes appealing to a wide range of makeup enthusiasts (from beginners, teenagers, to those looking for something soft, pretty and maybe for work). I was going to show you how it looks on the skin, wearing both blushes on the cheeks but I actually couldn’t get the powders to show on camera. I tried on a few occasions too! Maybe it’s because they diffuse and disperse light to much? I can promise you that Plum Rose was packed on my cheeks and very visible in person. I’l let you make what you will out of that 🙂

You can also buy a wider selection of Physicians Formula products from iHerb (great prices in Australian dollars too – the blushes retail for cheaper than Priceline here). iHerb actually has the Butter Bronzer in stock, so I may have to put in an order soon 🙂

Have you tried any Physicians Formula products Beauties? Any recommendations? Let me know if you would purchase these goodies!

Catch ya next time,

Beauty Bee~

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