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Challenge Ahead!

Hi beauty bees!

So I was catching up on some blog reading and I noticed a beauty challenge circulating around Polish blogs – the $100 beauty challenge. The idea of the challenge is not to spend more than $100 on beauty related goods in a month (four weeks). I think this is a good idea to reign in your spending and to use up some of the makeup goodies we have in our drawers that don’t get all of the lovin’ they deserve 😉 But I’m wondering if it’s something I can really do (I know I know!). I need to go to the hairdressers soon which would have to not count (I spend over $100 every time and I wouldn’t forgo my appointment especially since I might have a job interview around the corner, so I want to look ‘fresh’ just in case) but besides that I’m pretty stocked up in terms of my skin care basics (some of my serums would put me ‘over budget’ immediately if I had to restock) so perhaps I could do it? Perhaps I need to have more faith in myself or encouragement? It may sound easy at first, but all related beauty goods means even cotton balls, deodorant etc would count!


Is this a challenge you would consider doing? Do you think I should take the plunge? 😛 Let me know what you think!

Catch ya next time,

Beauty Bee~

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