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Bellabox’s August Box. Somewhat of a Review.

I’ve seen other bloggers do this, review their monthly ‘sample box’. Now these ‘sample boxes’ are called something different in every country (Glossy Box, Violet Box etc.) but they are relatively the same in what they promise – deluxe sized samples and sometimes full sized products of higher end cosmetics and skincare (or cult status products – very popular products). I pay $15 a month for my box (including postage) which I think is reasonable. I thought that this was a good idea, not only for those thinking about signing up, but also to share any new exciting products with you (even if they are ‘samples’ so to speak). I really like that Bellabox has an online shop where they stock most of the brands that they promote in the monthly boxes. You can earn ‘point’s’ by reviewing products and buying items in the online shop, for which you can then exchange for discounts on items in the online shop.


I think I’ve been signed up to Bella Box for almost a year and generally I’m pretty happy with the boxes. I know that not every product is going to be perfect for me, but some boxes generally do impress me more than others. I don’t tend to like when some people get a selection of other products to you. I don’t think this always happens, but it definitely does sometimes. They tend to have a ‘theme’ every month and this month’s them was ‘Get Active’ *shrugs*. I’m not that impressed with this months selection if I’m honest. First let’s go over the 3 products that I’m really not excited about.

  1. Sanctuary Spa Skin Perfecting BB Cream (RRP: $29.99 for 50ml) – Full size product. Now I can’t use this product at all because it is in the shade medium to dark (so quite orange  and dark- more suited towards olive and tan skin tones).  Seeing as BB creams usually come in 2 or 3 shades, I don’t understand why they wouldn’t maybe have a database of your general skin tone (like fair, light, medium and dark) and then send you a shade most likely to be suitable. I know I know, that’s probably to hard…. While it’s not a very cheap as chips product but it’s not luxe either, and they’ve already featured this brand in one of their boxes not long ago, so I’m pretty meh about it.

  2. John Frieda Precision Foam Colour Intense After-Colour Conditioner (RRP: $16.99 for 150ml) – 50ml deluxe sample. This product I’m also a little meh about trying. John Frieda products generally don’t impress me much. I will give it a go, because a good conditioner never goes astray (where there’s hope – there’s hope!) but I’m not excited by it. They have also featured a John Frieda product in one of their boxes not long ago so again a bit boring.

  3. Swisse Recover Protein Bar (RRP: $2.95 30g) – Full sized food item? This item probably annoyed me the most. I’ve already received a Swisse protein bar in one of my previous boxes (I know! A little repetitive or what) and seeing as Swisse does soooo much marketing, it puts me off a little. I can see why they needed an excuse to put it in again and hence called the box the ‘Get Active’ box, cause nothing else in the box has an exercise or healthy ‘theme’ to it – lame as.

Now the four I’m pretty happy with:

  1. Wotnot Facial Wipes (25 Wipes RRP: $7.95) – Travel sized, 5 wipes. Now I’ve used Wotnot facial wipes before and I really like them, so I don’t mind them being in this months box (I didn’t try them via bellabox thank goodness, or else I would have cracked it at them!). It’s to bad they didn’t include a full sized pack of these instead of the BB cream, but alas. These wipes are great because they are biodegradable and contain all natural ingredients like rosehip and vitamin E. They are very gentle but cleanse well, so I give them an A when it comes to good facial wipes!

  2. Synthesis Certified Organic Replenish Elixir (50ml RRP: $150.00) – 5ml. This product I don’t mind trying, because it’s something different and new. It also seems to be from a decent brand, which is nice. It’s a tiny sample, but it is a serum so I’m not surprised. It apparently contains a blend of oils which contain Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9, so it should hydrate and nourish the skin nicely.

  3. ASAP Ultimate Hydration (50ml RRP: $79.00) – 15ml. You can always find good use for a decent moisturiser. It apparently contains Hyaluronic Acid and Evening Primrose oil, so it should be pretty hydrating.

  4. L’Oreal Base Magique (15ml RRP: $29.95) – 5ml. This product has received lots of good reviews in the bloggasphere, so I’d be happy to try it. The original product size is quite small actually – only 15ml which surprises me, but I guess that explains the little sample given in the box (however I still would have liked a bigger size of course!) and apparently you only need a tiny amount.


So that sums it up! Of course the bigger sized products had to be the ones I was not impressed with, or won’t be able to try (I’m looking at you BB cream! This one will end up in the bin because no one in my family or my friends now that I think about it, would match that colour). Trust the products you wouldn’t mind trying to be the tiny ones *sigh. Well, here’s to hoping that next months box brings with it some more gems!

Do you receive any of these types of sample boxes?

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Beauty Bee~

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