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Beauty Tool Love: Macadamia Natural Oil Paddle Brush & Healing Oil Infused Comb

And so another week begins! Surprisingly, my week hasn’t started out like this:


But rather, I’ve been channeling a more calmed self lol


Let’s see how long that lasts for 😛

I wanted to do just a quick post today about two hair tools which I have been loving for a while now. I was looking for a paddle brush a while back and all I could find was either paddle brushes made with 100% boar bristles (which seemed really harsh to the touch and as I have fine, delicate and easily damaged hair, they scared me a little) or made totally out of plastic/nylon bristles which didn’t look that sturdy and looked pretty el cheapo *sigh. I wanted a decent paddle brush which wouldn’t cost me hundreds (I wasn’t THAT desperate). So finally, after much searching, I found a paddle brush made by the hair care brand Macadamia Natural Oil which combines nylon bristles with natural boar bristles. A mix of both bristles means that the brush detangles gently but grips the hair well. It feels sturdy and I like the aesthetic look of the brush. I have had it now for a about a good solid year and none of the bristles have become damaged or manky looking. The brush is supposed to be anti-bacterial, resistant to high heat and anti-static. I’d say it ticks all of those boxes.


I also bought the Healing Oil Infused Comb just because it sounded so intriguing – and a wide tooth comb is always handy to have around. So apparently, the resin that this comb is made out of, holds and distributes the brands healing oil (which contains argan and macadamia oil) evenly throughout the hair when you comb the brush through your hair. Now the comb feels like a regular comb to the touch. I’m not sure exactly how the comb is meant to distribute oil. Perhaps it does so in such a small amount because the oil is binded with the resin, that you can’t feel it in your hair or on your hands. It does sound a bit gimicky and I can’t tell you if it works or not as the result isn’t noticeable – but hey, it’s a good comb otherwise 🙂

If your in the market for a good quality paddle brush or wide tooth comb – I can most definitely recommend these two. I bought both of my Macadamia Natural Oil brushes from Look Fantastic, but I would now buy the paddle brush from an Australian stockist like RY where it sells for $22.45 Aus coins. The comb is a little harder to get a hold of and sells from Look Fantastic for $10.93 Aus coins which is very reasonable (while the paddle brush now sells for $31.35 Aus coins from Look Fantastic) so it’s just about balancing up your options. You can probably also find these at a local hair salon or a hair product shop like Hair Warehouse.

How has your Monday been fairing beauties? Have you tried any products from Macadamia Natural Oil before? Let me know in the comments below!

Catch ya next time beauty bees 🙂

Beauty Bee~

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