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Beauty Classics: Bourjois Little Round Pot of Blush

Everyone has heard of these little gems! But can you believe that I haven’t bought/tried them until now? I think its because while the colours looked oh so pretty in Priceline (a drug store) the testers were terrible – maybe they dry out being open all the time or moisture gets to them or something because when I would try to swatch the blushes the colours came out terribly. Finally, when Priceline was having a sale I thought I have to try them out properly for myself! I was lucky enough to get them for $12.00 each instead of the regular price of $20.00 (yes, those are Australian drugstore prices for you!). And I’m sooo glad I did! The pigmentation is sooo good and the blushes have the nicest rose-baby powder smell you could imagine! Only issue I have with them is that we don’t get all of the colours here in Aus 🙁 I really wanted to try the colour Lune D’or  35 – a light luminous neutral pinky/beige – but alas I cannot get my paws on it 🙁 if you know of an international site that sells a wide range of Bourjois blushes, please let me know (or I may just try finding one on ebay)!

The little round pots of blush were developed in 1863! By none other than Alexandre Napoleon Bourjois. He created the first powder-dry blush, using a new technique – avant garde you might say considering he was French and all 😛 – consisting of ‘baking’ the product. Bourjois would carefully mix some powder and water and then pop the mixture into round moulds and bake them. He then started to improve this formula by adding a few grams of mother of pearl for shine and shimmer and let it bake more depending on the desired effect. 150 years on and the little pots of blush are still a staple in so many makeup bags!


I want this red shade! It makes me imagine the classic theatre actresses *sigh…



The original blushes were packaged in round tins. I loooove the designs on these tins! Using them would make you feel like such a ‘lady’ 😛


And below, the modern Bourjois little round pots of blush packaged in plastic rather than tin.



I bought two different shades – 33 Lilias D’or, a super sparkly medium toned rosey peach shade and 54 Rose Frisson, a bright medium rose shade.  Rose Frisson has tiny flecks of shimmer in the blush, but its very subtle as opposed to Lilias D’or. I would describe Rose Frisson as almost a satin finish.





Rose Frisson 54 is on the left while Lilas D’or 33 is on the right.


And little ‘ol me wearing Rose Frisson.

Photo on 2013-11-23 at 13.35

Tip: To unify your makeup and give you a youthful look, add some of your blush colour to your outer eyelid crease. This works especially well with green or hazel eyes, as the pink/peach tones makes the colour of your iris pop! You can also try adding some blush – a tiny amount – on your temples/just above your brow. Marylin Monroe was said to do this! Try it out! 🙂

The colours in the pots just look soooo delicious and vibrant! Have you tried Bourjois blushes before? Any other favourite cosmetics from Bourjois that you might recommend?

Don’t forget to check out my other post from the series ‘Beauty Classics’ – Nivea Creme (and some surprising tricks/uses for this gem!).

Catch ya next time!

Beauty Bee~

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