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Beauty Chat: First Makeup Loves!


Welcome to a new edition of Beauty Chat beauties!

This week I was doing some ‘sorting’ in my bedroom and came across an old beauty gem of mine – a little round container of Avon Face Pearls. I must have bought these little pearls when I was about 15 or 16 (so they are – wait for it – about 10 years old) and have subconsciously hung onto them even though I don’t use them anymore. Back in the day, I thought they were brilliant and as they didn’t appear in the Avon catalogue for a long time and I only had one little jar of the stuff, I never ever wanted them to end, so I ‘saved’ them and used them sparingly (well, very often, but I still thought I was being ‘careful’ with how much I used and hey, I still have them, so it worked right?!).


This got me thinking… what were the first makeup products that you loved, beginning your journey as a makeup enthusiast? Do you have any funny stories about how you applied them and how much you loved them? Unfortunately most of the basic products I began using as a teenager, don’t get made anymore (if they did, I’d repurchase them now just to have a giggle and try them out again to see if they are still as ‘amazing’ as I once thought), however a few on them still pop out in my memory 🙂

Let’s start with the face pearls since I do actually still own these! These guys, aren’t actually half bad at all! I used them as an all over powder back in the day, as they don’t have any obvious chunks of glitter in them (*phew – thank goodness lol). There’s pink, beige and white balls and they are seriously glow inducing. While there’s no chunky glitter, they are quite pearly and leave a satin finish on the skin. They would have cost $20 tops, which is quite reasonable. I can still see why I loved these so 🙂




I’m also impressed that these were made in England! Not bad Avon!


Swatch of the pearls above – they were difficult to swatch, but what you can make out is that they give a subtle wash of colour and are quite light diffusing. Guerlain meteorites anyone? 😛

The other product I remember distinctively from high school is my first ‘proper’ foundation. I used a wide range of tinted moisturisers for a while and sometimes stole my sisters foundation (or old foundation scraps – it was sometimes that bad and orange lol) but the first foundation that actually matched my skin tone and made me look ‘flawless’ was Maybelline’s Wonder Finish foundation. I’m 90% sure it was this foundation even though they don’t make it anymore. It was a liquid to powder formula, and you had to shake the bottle before use so the formula wouldn’t come out separated.


This was the first foundation I had ever tried that actually looked ‘natural’ and not cakey or to full on. It was pretty a pretty darn amazing discovery. As I started experiencing acne as a teen very early on, my first initial reaction was to 1) try and steal some makeup from my sister and 2) cake it on – ha! Luckily, seeing a dermatologist and finding this guy, changed all of that!

I also remember using a light pink Sugar Baby cream blusher, constantly. It’s a brand which still exists but I think they now focus on body products more so than makeup and you can only find them at Myer (a little like Chi Chi Cosmetics). I also looooved L’Oreal’s Double Extension Fortifying Extending Mascara, which came with a mascara primer and a mascara. I used the L’Oreal mascara all throughout year 11 and 12 (senior high school). Before that I used Maybelline mascaras but never found them to be extraordinary (I think the Full n Soft mascara was my first ever mascara and it gave a very natural but defined look). Funnily enough, ever since using that L’Oreal mascara, I always use a mascara primer now to give my lashes extra volume. Smart move L’Oreal… Hooking them when they’re young!


The only other makeup product which I would have called a ‘staple’ back in the good ol’ days, was an eyeshadow quad from Sportsgirl (a clothing store which makes it even more random). I used that quad all the time and it lasted me for years until I threw it out a year or so ago (another clean out) – how I didn’t finish it back in high school is beyond me. It contained four eyeshadows, one light beige shade, a light pink, a bronzy brown and dark chocolate brown. They were all quite shimmery but buttery and soft. Not a bad choice at all.

So what products started it all for you? Let me know, I would love to know! 😀

Catch ya next time,

Beauty Bee~

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