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Beauty Blush Playground No. 5: Chanel Blush #71 Malice

I’d never owned a Chanel blush until recently. I kept seeing Chanel’s blush in Malice pop up on different blogs because even though it is a permanent blush colour in their range, it was repromoted in their current summer campaign. I looooved it from the moment I saw photos of it – it reminded me of a muted pink-red sunset! Now it’s not summer just yet in Sydney, but we can dream right? 🙂


I wouldn’t usually spend so much on a blush – but I did secretly want to see what all the fuss was about when it comes to Chanel blushes. I was able to purchase my Chanel blush for cheaper from Fresh Fragrances & Cosmetics (their prices are generally cheaper than department stores and they provide free shipping for all orders – win!).


I love how classically beautiful and simple Chanel’s packaging is. I do wish the compact was heavier though. I know that more weight isn’t always so practical, but super light plastic just doesn’t feel ‘luxe’ to me. Luckily it still looks divine though!


Now to the blush itself – the powder is super finely milled, so it is easy to pick up to much blush and powder does seem to go everywhere. The powder is surprisingly silky feeling – when I go to take a swatch of the blush with my finger, I can literally feel how soft and delicate the powder is. The formula is just gorgeous, so while you have to be a little bit careful with ‘fall out’ it feels pretty special. And that’s part of makeup’s charm isn’t it? To make us feel a little bit more special and bright!


Malice is a difficult colour to describe (and the name makes me think of a super villain lol) – but I wouldn’t describe it as a pink or peach, but rather a light red, softened by fine gold micro shimmer (making the blush appear a little peachy in the pan). The shimmer isn’t noticeable on the skin – but you can see even in the pan how the colour glows! The brush which comes with the blush is ok, it’s quite soft compared to a lot of other ‘free’ brushes. I don’t think the shape is ideal for applying blush (it concentrates the colour to much in one spot) or blending, but for on the go and for touch ups, it’s ok!


Above: A swatch of Chanel’s blush in #71 Malice.


Above: Wearing Chanel’s blush in Malice #71 on my cheeks.

Another curiosity of mine was finding out how Bourjois blushes compare to Chanel blushes (apparently they are both made in the same factory – if that wonderful fact is true, that’s one happy place!). Two of my Bourjois blushes are actually similar to Malice in colour range, however Lilas D’or is way more shimmery (containing red and gold micro shimmer) while Rose Frisson is a lighter pink compared to Malice.  Bourjois blushes also smell like rosey baby powder, while my Chanel blush smells like straight up rose water. I actually prefer the Bourjois scent but that’s clearly a minor detail lol A part of me does love that both blush ranges have been given a scent – that’s fine detailing for you!



Swatches from left to right: Chanel blush in Malice #71, Bourjois blush in Rose Frisson #54 and Bourjois blush in Lilias D’or #33.

Do I think the Chanel blush was worth the pennies? I think so 🙂 It’s quite a unique colour and I love appreciating it for what it is. I won’t be rushing out to buy a heap of these – that would somehow make the feeling of this blush a little less special (for me anyways). So I will marvel at this one blush colour for now 🙂


Speaking of special… this poppy sprung up in my garden recently and isn’t it marvellous?!?! <3


Do you own any Chanel blushes? Do you have any favourite shades/recommendations? If you haven’t yet, come over and like my Facebook page and Instagram account so we can keep in touch more! 😀

Until next time beauty bees!

Beauty Bee~

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