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Beauty Blush Playground No. 4: MAC Modern Mandarin

Welcome beauties, to another new stop on the blush carousel!

Now this is a blush that looks soooo gorgeous and juicy, that I bought it on a whim – even though I wasn’t totally convinced that I could wear it and pull it off! Just look at the brightness and intensity of that colour! Luckily, it’s not very red toned, which means that the tones of the blush aren’t tooo deep and so lighter complexions should technically be able to pull it off. One draw back with a shade like this is that if you have any red in your skin, this blush may amplify it and may appear muddy on the cheeks (if your cheeks are especially red). As long as you take care of your base makeup, so that it covers any redness (an additional green corrector may help with this) you should be fine girl!



Modern Mandarin is a satin finish MAC blush, so it has a gorgeous sheen to it without any obvious shimmer. It is intensely pigmented – so darker toned ladies should be happy with the intensity of this colour (nothing wishy washy here!). I’ve never owned an orange blush before (though I do have Benefit’s Cha Cha tint which is an orange – but it’s very subtle) so after applying this blush to my cheeks for the first time I was a little worried that it didn’t suit me. It didn’t look bad per se – it was just very different to what I was used to. I wore it around the house and to the shops to run errands and throughout the day I noticed how sun kissed my complexion looked (that’s a good thing!). I do recommend being very gentle when applying this blush to your cheeks (it’s very very easy to go overboard and then it does have a tendency to look slightly patchy) but I think that sometimes we don’t give new products/colours more chances to surprise us. I’m loving this blush more and more each time I wear it, which is such a surprise! <3 If you a worried about applying to much of this blush, you could use a fan brush to apply a wash of colour over your cheeks.


This shade no doubt will look extraordinary in summer along with a tan! But even if you don’t tan (or try not to) this blush will bring that sunshine to your face (hence why so many bronzers are orange based browns). In saying that though – because it isn’t a brown and because you can be light handed with it – it shouldn’t make you look like an oompa loompa. You also probably won’t also be putting this all over your face, so that risk should be actually quite small 😉


Above: A swatch of Modern Mandarin. The swatch looks a little darker in the photo than it does in real life. What you can see is the gorgeous sheen! 


I have been using me new Zoeva Luxe Cheek Finish brush with this blush and it works beautifully. It is super soft and quite densely packed for a blush brush. Because of this, I tend to use one side of the brush to distribute the colour over my cheek, and then the other clean side of the brush to blend out any tell tale edges.



Above: Wearing Modern Mandarin on my cheeks. The blush is brighter in person – but hopefully you can see how it doesn’t clash to much tone wise with my skin. I have used a cool toned brown to contour with (Anastasia Beverly Hills contour powder in Fawn) and cool toned browns on my eyes (with a dash of Modern Mandarin added in). It works surprisingly well combined with cool toned browns and I don’t see why it wouldn’t work alongside warm tones either! 

Modern Mandarin is now a permanent blush colour in MACs blush line. Remember that makeup should be an adventure and should make your ROAR (when you feel like it 😉 )! 😀

Have you ever worn an orange blush before? Any recommendations for me?

Catch ya at the next stop on the blush carousel beauties 😉

Beauty Bee~

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