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Beauty Blush Playground No. 3: MAC Blush in Full of Joy

Today on the blush carousel we have a MAC blush in the colour of grape fairy floss <3 I don’t have to many MAC blushes, but when I do buy a MAC blush, I tend to go for the more unusual colours. I was expecting Full of Joy to be a pinky-lilac satin blush – a little different but not majorly so. It turns out it is a frost finish and much more lilac-y than I expected. In saying this, it’s surprisingly wearable. When I say it’s a frost finish – it doesn’t actually have any chunky glitter or any very visible shimmer. You have to look suuuuper closely at the powder to notice any shimmer at all. But what makes this shade interesting is that it has almost a slight metallic finish. Because of this metallic finish, the powder also has a transparency to it. The transparency is great – it means you don’t have to worry about looking like a Donna Summer video clip gone horribly wrong! It’s all the right kinda shine while being slightly subtle at the same time! <3



I know this colour won’t be everyone’s cup of tea – but what I wanted to show you on this very blush carousel, is the variety of blushes out there which are actually pretty wearable and which may brighten up your day more than expected! I think with spring upcoming in Aus, it’s the perfect time for some colour inspiration 🙂



Above: Full of Joy on my cheeks 🙂 the blush is brighter in real life. Blush tends to come out slightly muted in photos. You can see the tone of the blush in the photo however and it’s gorgeous in person!


Jasmine has started blooming earlier than usual this year, which I’m hoping means that Spring is well and truly on it’s way here in the Southern Hemisphere! I picked a few small Jasmine buds from our Jasmine bush and while there’s only two flowering buds, the smell is soooo intense hours later after picking that I swear it’s magic… I also took a few more pics of my garden for you to enjoy 🙂







The yellow flowers above are cabbage flowers 🙂

Have you considered trying a purple toned blush? Do you have a favourite MAC blush? 🙂 Catch you on the next carousel stop 😉

Beauty Bee~ 

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