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Beauty Blush Playground no. 2: Bourjois Little Round Pot of Blush in 33 Lilas D’or

Welcome beauties to the second blush playground post! Today I have for you a Bourjois blusher in no. 33 Lilas D’or. This blusher is a medium rose pink shade with quite a bit of gold and red shimmer. It’s the most shimmery Bourjois blush that I own and to be honest I was a little worried about wearing it. Luckily, on your cheeks it doesn’t look glittery per se but rather adds a gorgeous rosey-glow sheen to the skin. I think this is the perfect blush to wear in winter/autumn because when there’s less sun (so gloomier, greyer days) the sheen won’t become super reflective. It’s a gorgeous mid-toned pink, darker than many of the other pink blushers that I own and who knew it would work so well on winter, pale and shallow skin!




This blush actually reminds me of Orgasm by Nars except that Orgasm is a peachy pink shade with gold shimmer, while Lilas D’or is a straight up medium rose pink with gold and red shimmer (the red just reflects the pink tones in the blush). It gives my cheeks a proper ‘flushed’ look – as if I’ve been running in the crisp air or as if I had a mojito or two (except that this leaves a ‘prettier’ look behind haha).


Now I packed on this blush so that it would be visable in photos, yet for some reason while I do look ‘flushed’ the blusher didn’t show quite as I had hoped (I might have to play around with my camera settings), however I hope you can see what a lovely rosey colour it is. I wasn’t doing much today – in fact I felt really really blah so this blusher really ‘woke’ me up this rainy morning! After applying lip balm I also swatched my finger into the blusher and then dabbed the blush onto my lips (this works brilliantly). You can most definitely multi-task using this blush!


I love that all Bourjois blushers smell like a rosey/sweet scented baby powder (I know that’s an odd description – but that’s what they smell like to me!). I love that this colour has depth to it – it really does remind me of roses! 🙂 Bourjois blushes retail for $20 a pop in Aus, which isn’t to bad for a treat!


For some rosey inspiration I found this gorgeous graffiti by Vickie Emms:


Do you own any Bourjois blushers? I have three in total including Lilas D’or (check out my beauty classics post here and Lune D’or post here) and I might have to go and check out the rest of the collection on offer soon 🙂

Stay tuned for the next beauty blush playground post! What blush will come around next? 😉

Catch ya next time beauties!

Beauty Bee~

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