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An Environmentally Friendly Dry Shampoo: Moogoo’s Natural Dry Shampoo 👌🌱🐄💚

Dry shampoo is a busy (or lazy…) girl’s best friend! I LOVE dry shampoos. Sometimes you just need a little cheating to save you time, and there’s nothing wrong with that! They also give flat roots some lift, volume and texture – without being quite as gritty as texturising powders.

My go-to dry shampoo for years and years has been Klorane’s Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk. It doesn’t have a suffocating scent like most cheap dry shampoos, and is gentle on your scalp. It ticks all my demanding fine-hair, oily-root, lazy girl and short on time, expectations 😉 Except for two: it’s sold in an aerosol can, which is not great for the environment and it is pricey for a 150ml can (retails for $14.95 AUD) ❌ Apparently you can buy Klorane’s Dry Shampoo with Oatmilk in a shaker bottler sans aerosol can, but it’s not available here in Australia and who knows when it will be…. Not wanting to wait years for its release, I decided to try a local, environmentally friendly brand’s new dry shampoo offering: Moogoo’s Natural Dry Shampoo 💚

MooGoo Natural Dry Shampoo
  1. A natural, powder shampoo that freshens your hair in between washes

  2. Made with natural powders such as Corn & Tapioca Starch to absorb oils

  3. A non-aerosol shake bottle delivery system to avoid harmful chemicals

  4. Free from harsh ingredients that can coat and irritate the scalp

  5. Suitable for all hair types, colours and anyone looking to save some time

  6. 100g

Washing your everyday is not only a huge time commitment (to wash, dry and style) but also not great for your poor scalp. Your scalp needs some oils (as do the lengths of your hair!) to remain protected, balanced and healthy. The catch-22 is that oils weigh down hair, and thus we tend to over-wash, stripping our poor scalps of needed moisture. A HUGE time saver and healthier option for our hair is dry shampoo. 

Dry shampoos are amazing because they soak up the excess oils sitting on your scalp and the roots of your hair (causing flat hair nightmares!). They also provide volume, giving your hair a style reboot and they refresh your hair, leaving it smelling and feeling clean! However, this is also why the dry shampoo ‘market’ is littered with cheap options that are overly perfumed and not great for the environment. Aerosol can’s are quick and easy – they aerate the dry shampoo so a very fine ‘mist’ is deposited into the roots of your hair. They are also very fine due to the aerosol spray mechanism. But there’s a couple of problems with this ‘easy’ traditional application method.

The problems with traditional, aerosol dry shampoos

Firstly, the overly scented dry shampoos can be extremely irritating for your scalp. Secondly, because the dry shampoo mist applicator is so so fine, any potentially irritating ingredients in the dry shampoo formula (and this will depend on the brand you are using) will adhere to your scalp very well and be difficult to wash out. My scalp can become quite sensitive, especially after colouring, so I try and use gentle ingredients on my hair and scalp, that don’t require super harsh shampoos to remove.

One reason I like Klorane’s Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk so much, is that it uses starch derived from rice (plus soothing oat milk) instead of aluminium starch: a very common ingredient in ‘cheaper’ dry shampoos. Aluminium starch is a modified food product, which has an anti-caking effect. Cosmetic grade aluminium starch isn’t bad for you or risky (numerous studies have been conducted on this – from inhalation studies, ingestion and skin application tests) but I suspect it wouldn’t be the best for the environment. Something from school actually rings a bell (ha!) is that I recall being told that aluminium in pressurised cans was bad for the environment. Now is aluminium starch as bad for the environment as other types of aluminium? No idea, probably not since it’s a modified food product – but… at the end of the day aerosol cans generally generate hydrocarbons that are not great for the environment. You also tend to use more product from an aerosol because the mist and product is so fine. This means you use more product and run out of the product more quickly. Not great for your wallet and not great because then you’ve got more waste to dispose of (aerosol cans).

So what to do? 

You can try DIY methods and use simple ingredients like Sweet (Glutinous) Rice Flour or a starch from your kitchen pantry as your dry shampoo. It’s certainly a cheap alternative! I went through a phase of using Sweet Rice Flour in a shaker as my dry shampoo, but I stopped because it was too drying for my scalp and hair. Kitchenware ‘shakers’ also tend to dispense too much product, making the ‘drying’ effects of the starch or flour you are using, even more problematic and they will show as a result in darker hair (leaving a weird ‘white cast’ in your roots).

The Solution? Use an Environmentally Friendly, Cosmetic Grade, Dry Shampoo in a Shaker! 

This is where products like Moogoo’s Natural Dry Shampoo comes in! When I picked it up, I was hoping I would like it but I was really unsure whether or not I would like it. The Klorane dry shampoo sets the bar very high after all.

First of all, the dispenser is very similar to the packaging of paper powder. You can control the amount of product you dispense quite well. I roughly part and section my hair (roughly is the key word here!) I shake the dry shampoo onto my scalp/into the root of my hair, and then I massage the product in using my hands. This also helps to spread the powder and get it working!

The dry shampoo isn’t quite as fine as the Klorane Dry Shampoo formula – it does have some grit to it. It’s very fine, but the teeny tiniest bit gritty. And this is to be expected – the product is getting passed through a nozzle where it needs to be ULTRA fine. I was still pleasantly surprised at the texture. One of the biggest positives that I found with using the Moogoo’s Natural Dry Shampoo, is that if you apply it sparingly, even if you had very greasy and dirty hair to begin with, it doesn’t feel like the product ‘builds up’, going all gunky and gross upon soaking up that oil. Not at all! I find that happens with some other regular and cheap dry shampoo formulas but luckily, not with the MooGoo Dry Shampoo.

The first time I used MooGoo’s Natural Dry Shampoo, I went to by boyfriends house to watch a movie. Whilst snuggling on the couch and without any prompting at all – he mentioned my hair smelt nice. BONUS! Not only did my hair and scalp feel fresh, I also smelled nice! 🤸‍♀️🎉🎉🎉 Fooled him, ha! The scent isn’t particularly strong – it’s a fresh milky, soapy scent. Really lovely.

I should mention that my scalp can get really itchy and irritated. I believe I have a sensitive scalp and experience some dermatitis. This dry shampoo did not aggravate my scalp at all, which is very important.

I have very light blonde hair, so I can’t comment on how it works in dark hair (does it leave a white cast etc.). Moogoo’s says the product works on all hair colours, but I can’t test that myself. In saying that, my brother also loves this dry shampoo and he has dark brown hair. I asked him about this and he said it doesn’t leave a white cast in his hair (excellent!).

I also have very fine hair, and this dry shampoo gave me some nice volume. I don’t think the volume is quite as good as what you get with Klorane’s dry shampoo, but the powder isn’t aerated, so again, I think it’s to be expected.

I think the trick with this dry shampoo is to use as little as possible, because through the bottle shaker/dispenser, you probably could over apply the product. That’s something to take note of. Because it doesn’t spray into the air like an aerosol dispenser, you get more product deposited into the roots of your hair. I can see this bottle of dry shampoo lasting me MONTHS. The problem with Klorane’s dry shampoo is that you need to use quite a bit of it to make a big difference (because of the ultra fine mist) and you thus run out of it very quickly…. making it a pricey alternative to washing your hair. MooGoo’s Natural Dry Shampoo is thus the perfect alternative! 💚💖

So would I make the switch from using Klorane’s Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk to MooGoo’s Natural Dry Shampoo? I would. I do like that it’s better for the environment, is gentle on my scalp, is more economical in the long run and that I’m supporting a local Australian business. It doesn’t mean I won’t ever use Klorane’s dry shampoo again, but I will do my best to make the switch!

MooGoo products are widely available in Pharmacies here in Australia, including Priceline. You can also shop directly from them via their online store and they ship internationally! Pick up a 100g bottle for $17.50 AUD 🐄🥰🥰💫

So that’s it Beauties! Another winner to try 😉 are you a fan of dry shampoos? What do you look for in a good dry shampoo?

Catch ya next time,

Beauty Bee~

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