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A Sydney Easter: Kakawa Chocolates

A lovely friend of mine introduced me to Kakawa chocolates a little while ago and since our first encounter I can’t get enough of their deliciousness! Because it is a boutique chocolate brand, I save my chocolate-y purchases for special occasions. With Easter coming up, their shops are brimming with such gorgeous creations I had to just *pop in* and take a look 😛 I did purchase a few bits and pieces and I think I will have to return again next week for some more! I might add that I’m not a huge sweet tooth, but they really do have something for everyone. All of their hand made chocolates are made fresh in Sydney and are only kept for a maximum of two weeks – unlike some other fancy chocolate shops around. And some of their goodies are just to beautiful/cute to be eaten! First, lets take a look at what I did buy 🙂


Above: If I didn’t buy some of their regular/permanent chocolates, my bf would have been furious at me! On the right we have banana caramel chocolates (covered in milk chocolate I am guessing), in the middle mint and raspberry with a white and dark chocolate casing (these are my favourite – and I can’t express how DELICIOUS these are! They are not too sweet, but rather give your palette a pop of freshness that’s finished off with a touch of chocolate – YUM!) and on the very left, all by himself, a new chocolate for me to try – pistachio. I’m pretty sure it’s more than just pistachio, but I can’t remember what else *embarrassed face* but I love pistachios so I’m sure he will be delicious 🙂 You can of course have your chocolates placed in a gorgeous gift box, but seeing as I was going to be eating them myself (ok, and maybe offer a few to my bf if I must…) I thought that there was no need lol



Above: I bought two duos of dark chocolate galaxy eggs. Enough said 😛 The white chocolate ones also looked amazing (painted with bright colours) even though I’m not huge on white chocolate, but I am seriously tempted. That’s all I bought this time round, but next week I will go in and pick up some more easter goodies. Wanna see what there is to pick from? Be prepared to be amazed!



Giant galaxy eggs (which are usually filled with smaller chocolates inside).


Mini Galaxy and hand painted eggs.




Mr and Mrs Potato Head 


Giant Chocolate Rooster for the more traditional chocolateers 😛


Chocolate Bunny Pops!


The Cutest Chocolate Bunny ever.

Now I really want those white chocolate mini galaxy eggs (or hand painted ones) both to eat and to show you! 🙂 Which goodies would you pick?

If you are in Sydney, you can find Kakawa at 5/147 William St, Darlinghurst and at the Arcade on 1/281 Clarence St (Gaffa Gallery) Sydney (CBD). Check them out also on Facebook here.

Catch ya next time,

Beauty Bee~

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