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A Skin ‘Reboot’! MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Reboot Foundation 🤖🤸‍♀️🍓🌟

MAKE UP FOR EVER’S Roboot Foundation sounds like perfection to me… it’s meant to: brighten, smooth, firm, hydrate and even skin tone out 🌟 These promises are even on the glass foundation bottle itself! The philosophy behind it is half foundation (‘makeup) and half skincare. Because it’s meant to hydrate skin and leave the skin looking like ‘skin’, I thought it would be an amazing foundation for everyday wear. My skin has also become irritated and sensitive of late, the skin loving ingredients in the formula also sound fantastic 👌

So is it a foundation that’s quickly become my favourite? Not quite… but keep on reading because there’s lots to love about this foundation anyhoo! There are just a few ‘buts’ to take note of 😉😅💖

Make Up For Ever’s Reboot Foundation only entered our market a few months ago, so I was quick to pick it up! Here is what the producer says about the foundation and it’s attributes


ACTIVE CARE REVITALIZING FOUNDATION A light-to-medium coverage, skin-revitalizing foundation that adds a radiant, satin finish while hydrating, smoothing and firming the skin for 24 hours. Ideal for normal to dry skin types, this skincare-infused foundation significantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles and increases hydration for 24 hours. Skin feels supple, plumped, and is visibly smoother, while a radiant, satin finish leaves the complexion looking flawless and bright all day long. KEY INGREDIENTS:
  1. Ginseng: Stimulates Collagen production

  2. Camellia Japonica: Helps restore skin’s natural glow

  3. Mondo Grass: Helps strengthen the skin’s protective barrier KEY PRODUCT BENEFITS:

Light-to-medium coverage

Satin finish

Ideal for normal to dry skin

Brightens, smooths and firms skin’s appearance*

Reduces the appearance of wrinkles by 23%**

Increases hydration by 26%*** *Clinical Test on 31 subjects **Instrumental Test after 24h on 16 subjects ***Instrumental Test after 24h on 11 subjects

There are 28 colours available in this foundation line, which is pretty excellent! There are also three clearly marked undertones for all the shades: R for ‘Rosey’ undertones, Y for ‘Yellow’ undertones and ‘R’ for ‘Red’ undertones (the red undertones are present in the darkest shades/colours found in the range).

I thought it was interesting that for such a professional makeup up brand, there are no neutral colours (my pick in foundation colours usually). Maybe they thought that because neutral undertones contain both warm (yellow) and cool (‘rosey’ or pink) pigments in the skin, it’s an undertone that doesn’t need its own shades? I don’t know. The idea is sort of correct… I can generally get away with either yellow or pink based foundations, but… if a colour leans very yellow or very pink – it takes a bit more work to make it work on my skin. I think it’s an odd choice to not include any neutral shades in the line. And it has caused me problems as a result!

I originally only picked up one shade of this foundation, Y225 Marble, the third lightest shade in the range. On the Make Up For Ever website, you can have a close look at the shades, demonstrated by models and their skin tone for reference. You can see that the model used for shade Y225 Marble is very pale, but has a definite yellow undertone. I can get very pale in Winter (and it’s currently Winter is Aus). When I received the shade in the mail (because I purchased it online), I was surprised at how strongly yellow the shade leans.

This wouldn’t be a huge problem if the foundation didn’t oxidise. But it does, which is uncommon for foundations that don’t ‘set’ (typically they are very long-wearing foundations). It doesn’t oxidise quickly – it darkens ever so slightly throughout the day, which is very odd. And annoying, because it makes choosing a foundation THAT much harder. Guess work essentially. It’s a huge pet peeve of mine…. Y225 Marble will be a good shade for me in summer, but in order to give it a really good run now (because I did purchase it with the intent to use it now!) I purchase the second lightest shade in the line, Y218 Porcelain.

On the bottom we have shade Y218 Porcelain and on top Y225 Marble.

You can see from the shade swatches above, that there is a big jump in the shades in regards to their depth. I would not say that these two shades would sit next together in a foundation line, but rather, that there would be a shade if not two in-between them. In any case, Y218 Porcelain is a great shade for me in Winter and would be perfect if it didn’t oxidise ever so slightly.

The texture of the foundation is wonderful – it’s almost like a gel-cream. It definitely melts into skin, giving you a sheer coverage. It is indeed buildable though, and you can get almost a medium coverage out of this foundation. I thought this foundation would leave a dewy finish, but it’s definitely a satin finish (just like Make Up For Ever promises). It covers redness really nicely and does look like skin. Applied either with my hands or a sponge, the foundation looks great and isn’t too fussy.

Because of the foundations ‘skincare’ promises, I thought it would work a little bit better on dry patches than it does. It’s not totally forgiving on very dry areas (or if you have healing spots/acne).

Have I noticed any other ‘skincare benefits’? No lol… Make Up For Ever almost make this foundation sound like a serum in all the problems it tackles. Makeup however, is designed to sit ‘on top’ of the skin – not sink into the deeper layers of the epidermis. Sitting on top of sunscreen (as this foundation doesn’t contain an SPF) would I expect maybe some of the ingredients to get to where they need to go? No, not really. If they do help soothe and hydrate skin, that’s good enough for me. Maybe long-term you will get some skincare-like benefits from the foundation, but don’t stop using your serums and moisturises in any case 😉 I do think it’s interesting that Make Up For Ever say that the skincare benefits from this foundation mask up to 24 hours. Interesting claim right?! I’d love to know more about how the ingredients work to achieve this! The skin loving ingredients definitely won’t hurt the skin either, so I’m all for them.

Do I find the foundation to be brightening? I think so! 🧐 It does blur the skin and any imperfections you have, unifying your skin tone at the same time. See in the before and after photos below what you think! The photos where taken in daylight and have not been retouched. I also didn’t powder my skin in the ‘after’ photo, but did use concealer under my eyes (L’Oreal Infallible More Than Concealer).

The foundation is ‘perfumed’ which is something to take note of. It almost smells like a face cream, which I think was their goal… it’s fresh smelling and a little floral. I find that the scent fades rather quickly, but I’m not super sensitive to scents in makeup generally.

I LOVE that the foundation comes with a pump dispenser and a very nice feeling and looking glass bottle. It feels and looks like a high quality product.

So do I like this foundation? I do! Is it my favourite? Maybe not… but it is a great everyday foundation that may give your skin some benefits and love too 💓 Out of 5 stars, I’d give it 3 and a half!


  1. Buildable sheer to medium coverage ✔️

  2. Satin finish, skin-like appearance ✔️

  3. Blurring, brightening effect ✔️

  4. Skincare like benefits ✔️

  5. Unifies skin tone and covers redness wonderfully (especially because of the yellow tones in the foundation) ✔️

  6. Large shade range (28 colours!) ✔️


  1. Oxidises slightly through the day, making it difficult to find a ‘perfect’ shade

  2. No ‘neutral’ shades in the line

  3. Leaves dry, flaky skin ‘patchy’ and accentuated

  4. Scented/perfumed

There were four ‘negatives’ compared to six ‘positive’ points, which are good odds! You get 30ml of product in a bottle, which is standard for a foundation. I bought mine from Adore Beauty (a wonderful Australian e-beauty retailer) for $67 AUD. That’s a ‘medium’ price for a foundation – in-between drugstore prices and premium, ‘department store’ brands. I like that Make Up For Ever is a no-fuss, ‘down to business’ makeup brand, that’s definitely geared towards makeup artists, professionals, but also those who just love makeup. If you live in the US, you can also check out the brands main website and online store here. Otherwise you can pick up the foundation from Sephora stores globally.

So tell me Beauties, does this foundation appeal to you? What do you look for in an ‘everyday foundation’? Let me know in the comments below! Also let me know if Make Up For Ever is a brand you like or have tried before 🥰🥰🛍

Catch ya next time Beauties,

Beauty Bee~

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