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A New York Classic: Erno Laszlo Hydraphel Skin Supplement 💧🗽🎠🎡

Erno Laszlo is a brand I’ve known about for a while now and always wanted to try…  Adore Beauty (an Australian online beauty retailer 😇💄💋🧼🧴) started to stock the brand a year or so ago which finally make the brand accessible for Australian Beauties! I picked up a ‘favourites’ gift pack this last Christmas/Holiday Season. The gift pack (which was for me, ha! 😛🎁) was much cheaper than buying the products separately (the brand is on the higher end of the spectrum – you would expect to find the line at a department store for example). The pack contained a night cream (Phelityl Night Cream), sleeping mask (Hydra Therapy Memory Sleep Mask) and their Hydraphel Skin Supplement. All three products are best sellers 🌟

So why did I want to try the brand? Erno Laszlo is a Hungarian doctor who set up a Skin Institute in Hungary, making ‘prescriptive’ creams and cleanser for his clients, many of whom were actresses and performers. He even treated the Princess of Hungary’s acne. Impressive 😉👑 In 1939, Erno moved to New York and opened up a Skin Institute naturally. Some of his clients included Greta Garbo, Katherine Hepburn and oh… just Marilyn Monroe! ❤️💋 Erno must have been doing something right to build up such a client base and I suspect his clients would have trusted him greatly (with their million dollar complexions!). He was heavily focused on dermatological research and tailoring skincare for patients. I love that philosophy and that science was the backbone of his formulas and ‘prescriptions’. I have no doubt that his products would have not only been effective (building up your confidence as your skin improves) but also felt great – you want to enjoy using skincare products! Especially since you do pay a pretty penny for them.

I wanted to start my review of the Erno Laszlo products I bought with the Hydraphel Skin Supplement. This was a product I knew nothing about when I first got my hands on it. I love face creams and masks, so while I didn’t mind that this product was included in the gift pack that I bought, it wasn’t why I bought the pack. It was more of an after thought you could say… and yet, it won me over fair and square! 💕

So what actually is it? ‘Skin Supplement’ really doesn’t tell you much… I would describe it as being in-between a toner and an essence. Read on to find out more ☺️

A hydrating toner for all skin types, especially dry and mature.Erno Laszlo Hydraphel Skin Supplement is a restorative toner for skin types that need intense protection. A must have for those with intensive skincare regimens to ensure your skin remains calm and hydrated, this toner is truly the perfect supplement to a well-thought-out routine.A blend of conditioning panthenol and calming, hydrating allantoin work together to leave your skin looking calm, yet feeling comforted. Redness is reduced by comfrey root, helping to build your skin’s natural defenses up.What are the features & benefits of Erno Laszlo Hydraphel Skin Supplement?
  1. A calming, hydrating toner for all skin types

  2. For all skin types but especially dry, sensitive and mature

  3. A rich, silky feel to deeply nourish

  4. Helps to rebuild and restore skin barriers

  5. Allantoin is a gentle way to hydrate the skin, providing a buffer between your skin and the environment

  6. Panthenol – or Provitamin B5 – gives antioxidant support, leaving your skin feeling quenched

  7. Comfrey Root has been used for centuries for its healing and soothing properties

  8. Free from parabens and phthalates

  9. Mineral oil free

  10. No petrolatum or sulfates

  11. No alcoholHow to UseImmediately after cleansing, sweep over skin with a cotton pad or apply directly with your hands by patting in the liquid—just be sure to avoid the eye area. Use day and night as part of your bespoke Double Cleansing Ritual. Follow with treatments and moisturizers to match your skin’s needs.Ingredients Water (Aqua/Eau), Glycereth-26, Glycereth-7, Panthenol, Sodium PCA , Allantoin, Polyacrylamide, Parfum (Fragrance), Propylene Glycol, Diazolidinyl Urea, Methylparaben, Disodium EDTA, Citral, Geraniol, Citronellol, Linalool, CI 19140 (Yellow 5), CI 15985 (Yellow 6), CI 61570 (Green 5).

The Hydraphel Skin Supplement looks like water in its bottle. I was naturally expecting that as a ‘toner’ (as Enzo Laszlo calls it) it would have the texture and feel of water. But it doesn’t! The texture is so surprising… it’s sooo emollient, it just glides over the skin. I wouldn’t call it a gel because I don’t think that’s the right description for it. Whatever it is however, it’s light as a feather, silky and a little product goes a long, long way.

I don’t use it with cotton pads – I pour a little into the palm of my hand and then I press the product into my skin. You only need about the amount of a 5 or 10 cent piece (or the size of an almond). And its effects? It definitely makes skin feel silky, soft and soothed. My skin has been particularly irritated lately and this toner has not aggravated it at all. It does quite the opposite actually. It has certainly taken some of the redness and ‘sting’ out of my poor suffering skin (it’s super irritated lately, because I’m using a prescription pigmentation lightening treatment that also contains tretinoin – a double whammy!).

Despite having a synthetic fragrance in the formula, my extra sensitive skin has tolerated it well. What is the scent like? Quite light – a little like baby powder and a little floral. A fresh floral 💦🌸🌼 I like it a lot actually. Perhaps the ‘fragrance’ could be irritating to some sensitive skin types however. That’s something to consider. I think the reason it doesn’t irritate my highly sensitised skin at the moment, is because of the soothing ingredients in the formula. The ingredient list is short but it makes each chosen ingredient important. The main soothing ingredients are panthenol and allantoin. They are in higher concentrations than the ‘fragrance’ which also helps.


I’ve mentioned allantoin on the blog a few times, but as a recap this is why it’s so great (despite being under-rated!);

Allantoin is considered an effective moisturising ingredient when used in skincare, and its gentle, non-irritating qualities make it an excellent addition to anti-aging products for those with sensitive or easily irritated skin. Additionally, allantoin is a known keratolytic, meaning that it can increase the water content of cells while also aiding gentle exfoliation of the outer layers of skin. Allantoin may also help to:

  1. Skin Smoothness

  2. Aid in Wound Healing

  3. Promote Cell Proliferation and & Longevity


Panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) on the other hand has a lot of benefits which are complementary to allantoin. Panthenol stabilises skin’s barrier function, reducing the amount of water lost through evaporation (making it perfect to use after cleansing, when skin is stripped and at it’s weakest as water evaporates from the skin easily after cleansing. Eeek! 😣).

It functions as both as a humectant (attracting water to and holding it in the skin) as well as an emollient, smoothing and softening the skin. It also reduces inflammation making it a brilliant ingredient for all skin types. Because of it’s soothing properties, it can help relieve redness, whether it’s caused by acne or due to intense skin care treatments, or.. sunburn! Whatever it is – Panthenol can help! When applied it creates a light ‘film’ on the skin and hair also, which is why you will often also see it being used in shampoos and conditioners. It works in a similar way when applied to skin – adding moisture but also helping your skin to retain it at the same time. This is turn makes skin look and feel smoother ☺️🌿

Both allantoin and panthenol aren’t new or trendy ingredients – and you know what, it doesn’t matter because they work! They are probably better than 90% of trendy ingredients… They’ve been around for a long time because they are tried and tested. They have stood the test of time.  Kinda like Erno Laszlo in that sense 😜😇

Is the Skin Supplement also plumping and hydrating? Yes! Definitely. I think this is the biggest ‘effect’ and benefit of this toner. And also why I thought it was more similar to the effects of an ‘essence’ than a toner. Toners to me feel like water on the skin and are almost undetectable in regards to their texture, consistency and effects. I also don’t find toners to be hydrating most of the time, and to be fair, that’s because their main job is to rebalance the skin after cleansing. This toner on the other hand softens skin and hydrates it noticeably 💧🧼

Does it balance the pH of skin after cleansing (this is the main job of a toner)? I’m not sure. I can’t find that information about this product. I can only assume that the Skin Supplement’s ingredients work to immediately ‘recover’ skin after it is stripped due to cleansing (even gentle cleansers strip skin to a large degree – that is the fundamental way cleansers work, although maybe my choice of words may be brutal lol).

I can see why it’s ‘targeted’ at mature and very dry skin types, but because it’s alcohol and oil free, I think it should be recommended for everyone lol! I do think the allantoin and panthenol balance the potentially irritating fragrance, making it safe for highly sensitised skin.

I think you can gather that I am a fan of this product because I am! ☺️ Yes it’s expensive. The Hydraphel Skin Supplement sells for $104 on Adore Beauty and you get 200ml of product. Because a little product goes a long, long way, I think it’s quite economical. Sure, not everyone will find this product accessible or affordable, but if you can afford it and get your hands on it, I think it’s worth it! The Erno Laszlo official website delivers across America of course and they also deliver worldwide, but shipping is through a third party and I’m not sure if they prices for shipping are exorbitant or not.

I feel like Erno Laszlo products are about getting the basics right. I’ve been converted by this toner and like that its effects are noticeable on the skin immediately after application because it makes me want to use the product diligently. I look forward to it 😇😅

Is Erno Laszlo a brand you’ve come across before? Would you try their products? Do you use toners? Let me know in the comments below!

Beauty Bee~

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