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A Few New Goodies.

Just a few new goodies for you today beauties. Two to be exact! I made a couple *cough cough* trips to Priceline this week, so you know… stuff has been piling up lol So today I bring you some small but *important* purchases 🙂

My beloved <3 Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat is drying up (I’ve used up 90% of that baby), so I planned on getting a new one. They had it in store of course, but my eye also spotted a new top coat of theirs – Complete Salon Manicure Ultra-Wear Top Coat. And I really liked the packaging lol I’m sure this one will work just fine. I just really really hope that it helps your nail polish dry faster like the Mega Shine top coat does. It doesn’t specifically state that on the packaging, but like I said, I’m hoping it does anyway lol It does state that it should keep your manicure looking fresh and perfect for up to 10 days. This particular top coat also contains biotin and spirulina (that green stuff?) to help keep your nails strong – nice!



This top coat will set you back $16.95 Schmackos at Priceline.

I also needed a new fluffy and soft powder brush for setting concealer under my eyes (and in other places if need be). I had been using a Sigma blending brush for this, which size wise was perfect, but it started to really bother me as it is pretty scratchy (hence why I never bothered to use it for eyeshadow and blending). As I mainly want it for setting my under eye concealer, I didn’t feel like spending big on this brush – so I picked up a Real Techniques finish/perfected setting brush. It set me back a whole $11.99 (down from $14.99 at Priceline).



The brush is very soft! Perhaps a little big, but that’s no biggie (you can use the very tip to get under the eye area). And did I mention it’s soft?! It feels lovely under the eye area. It should also work brilliantly for cleaning up eyeshadow fallout. I could probably use this brush for a multitude of things, so a great purchase in my books 🙂 Here is a quick comparison (in photo form) with the Sigma brush I was using!




Have you tried any Real Technique brushes that you can recommend? Let me know what you think of my new goodies – I’m pretty happy with my purchases 🙂

Catch ya next time,

Beauty Bee~

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