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90s Flashback: MACs Glam lipstick

I have a super soft spot for anything 90s. The 90s really do encapsulate my childhood, so you really can’t blame me! If you asked me who was the most glam back in the 90s, the answer would be clear. The Spice Girls. That’s a fact, making it indisputable.


But moving on – when I saw that MAC re-released some 90s favourites, I was super intrigued. The collection was called By Request and included 3 lipsticks, 3 lip glosses and 3 eye shadows. The eyeshadows were kinda grungy/neutral like shades but nothing that was unique in my eyes so I gave those a miss. I rarely wear traditional lip glosses so I skipped those and you know I loooove lipsticks, so I gravitated to those automatically. I picked glam out of the shades on offer because it really is a unique shade. I love fuchsia coloured lipsticks, especially cooler toned fuchsias. This one is amazing in my eyes because a hint of red is visible in the lipstick. It’s perfectly in between a red and a deep but cool toned pink fuchsia. You will look glam – but without the sequins 😉


I love the way untouched, new lipstick bullets look! Their shape, their smoothness and vivid colour~


Glam is a matte textured lipstick, but it’s not as dry as maybe Lady Danger (not that Lady D is insanely dry, it’s just something that usually goes along with matte textures) it almost has a satin sheen to it which makes it easier to work with. As with most if not all MAC lipsticks, the formula is super pigmented, creamy and long lasting. I don’t experience bleeding with MAC lipsticks and once it does start to fade, it fades evenly, so you won’t be left with a ring around your lips (attractive!). 




I’m pretty sure that the By Request collection is limited edition and only available online (I actually first went in store to check out the colours in person, but when I asked about the collection a very agitated sales assistant told me the collection was only available online and that they hadn’t been told about it – awkward!) and it is still available on the australian website (here) if you are keen! The lipstick retails for $36 Aus monies like all MAC lipsticks here down under.



It’s difficult to capture this shade on camera – on my lips, it tends to look more red, while in the swatches above you can see the fuchsia coming through. I think the lipstick would also look seriously fab with some granite liner (I’m thinking smudged eye shadow on the top lashline) – think more sophisticated 90s grunge look 😉 I may try that look next week when I go to see JANELLE MONAE in concert! 😀 😀 😀 Even though the price of MAC lipsticks sucks here in Aus, because they are fabulous lipsticks, it tends to lessen the pain…

Have you checked out this collection by any chance? Let me know what you think! I would love to babble and rant with you on Facebook, so join me on Facebook here 🙂 Keep cosy!


Catch ya next time,

Beauty Bee~ 

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