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6 Skincare Myths that are Ruining Your Skin!

In the world of skin care and beauty, there are a lot of do’s and don’ts. Among them, many are old wives tales and nothing more than common folk lore, when examined for their truth and effectiveness. While we all enjoy a good story or two, nothing can be more harmful than misinformation that can actually cause damage. Here, we will take a look at 7 skincare myths that might have you -unknowingly – messing up your skin.

  1. Wash your face a lot to keep it clean and acne-free.

The look and feel of acne can come off as unclean, both in appearance and in the way it makes you feel. But washing your face away isn’t going to do much for getting rid of your acne. In fact, washing your face more than twice a day can do a lot more harm than good. This is because water and cleansers can strip your face of the natural oils that help it retain moisture and elasticity. This, in turn, causes dryness, which can lead to damage and flaky skin that clogs pores. Even with the best acne treatment, you must keep your maximum face-wash time to a minimum.

  1. You can stay in the sun longer if you use a higher SPF sunscreen.

We all love sunny days, and with sunscreen, it may seem like a few UV rays can’t ruin a perfectly good day. However, even with sunscreen, UV rays can ruin perfectly good skin. Using a sunscreen with a high SPF doesn’t mean that you can extend your time in the sun. SPF represents how well a sunscreen can protect your skin. A lotion with SPF 15 gives you 93% coverage from UV, while SPF 30 grants your 97%. Higher sunscreens, from that point onward, don’t do much more than that. Plus, for it to be totally effective, you have to apply sunscreen a few times a day. With more exposure, once every two hours is ideal – and each application should be a generous layer.

  1. Eating greasy foods gives you acne.

When we think of acne, we might think of greasy, oily skin and pimples. But while greasy food can spike your cholesterol levels, there is no real link between the consumption of greasy foods and the onset of acne. You still should avoid greasy foods for the other health risks that it poses, like heart & blood problems, but there are other foods that are worth cutting for the sake of clear skin. The real dietary culprits for problem skin are dairy and sugar. Dairy has been directly related to acne, while sugar is responsible for the inflammation and redness the provoke it.

  1. Using skin products from the same line is best for optimal results.

This is more of a clever marketing ploy than truth, because it is a great way to push for consumer loyalty. The truth is, there is no guarantee that, just because one product in a line works for you, the rest will give you a better result. Some product manufacturers do, in fact, create lines of products with ingredients that work great together, but they spread the ingredients out in the range of products, so that you have to use a combination of them to get the full effect. However, this doesn’t always work for everyone.

  1. You can exercise your face to keep your facial skin firm, tight and youthful.

The idea of facial exercises for tight skin might seem credible, especially when you think of it similarly to exercising your body to stay toned and tight. With your face, however, it isn’t so simple. All that extra face-scrunching and frowning can actually add lines to your face, much like the way a piece of paper gets a permanent fold in it when you bend it too often. So, face exercises might result in you looking older, instead of younger. The look of aging in your face is often due to loss of collagen, elastin and fat – all of which are unfixable by facial exercise.

  1. Heavy eye creams are a good nighttime fix for dry under-eyes.

This is actually a guaranteed way to wake up looking puffy in the morning. Heavy, greasy eye creams usually have oil ingredients that are not easy for your skin to absorb. Instead, the cream stays on your face and eventually gets into your eyes, like through your tear ducts when you’re sleeping, for example. This causes you to wake up looking puffy in the eye area – not an ideal look for work or school. If you use an undereye cream at night, go for one that says it’s “absorbable.”

Do you have any particular ‘golden rules’ when it comes to skincare beauties? Or any myths that you particularly hate?  I know that as you get older, it becomes easier to do what you have found to work best, but certain ‘rules’ tend to stick when you pick them up when you are young. I recently also found a great community based website called Facing Acne and it’s a gold mine of information (and reviews of different acne skincare ‘regimes’!) if acne is a problem for you (if you follow me on Instagram, then you know my acne has resurfaced of late, not cool…) then it might be just what you have been looking for! Sometimes we just need a little support to remind us that we aren’t going crazy. Let me know if it helps, if you check it out 🙂

Catch ya next time beauties,

Beauty Bee~

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